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A note from the director as we send our deepest condolences to Massari-Wood Dance Center.

It was 1984 and Barry and I were just getting started here in Chattanooga. I still remember David and Donna sitting on the stairs of UTC dance studio. They had just taken a class with Barry and we were meeting afterwards. We talked about what we hoped to accomplish in Chattanooga and David and Donna said they really wished us the best. They made it clear that their path was to teach dance. They were happy, open and filled with the joy of dance.

Over the next couple of years David joined some of our productions. He even came to a summer program as an accompanist. It seems our lives touched here and there but it takes every minute of everyday to run a dance school, then add a company to the mix and you just don’t get to visit with friends often.

Then Barry and I hit a huge disappointment here and literally found ourselves without a job for a time. A call came in from Donna that she would like for me to come teach a class at her studio. I was overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. I went and taught a few classes and it helped to heal me a bit.

And then time just marched on……..a dreadful day in January 2013 and Barry VanCura went to dance with the angels. And today, David, you join Barry and the dance goes on in heaven.

Donna with all my heart I offer my condolences to you and your dance family. Take this time to mourn, to remember, to laugh and cry. There is a studio here that understands completely what you are going through and I can tell you that all the students at Ballet Tennessee send their love and support to Massari Wood Dance Center.

- Anna VanCura

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Dance Alive & Talent Identification program

Dance Alive/Elite is a two week summer dance experience for children ages eight to twelve years from the Greater-Chattanooga area. The program culminates in a FREE public performance at UTC Fine Arts Center or Memorial Auditorium. Children selected from this introductory program receive a Talent Identification Program scholarship that provides elementary through professional level training in classical ballet, modern, and jazz.

THe conservatory

Ballet Tennessee offers classes in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, modern, and tap. The conservatory program offers quality instruction with a focus on developing future artists.

​VanCura Ballet Conservatory fosters a love of dance and its discipline in a positive learning environment.  As the official school of Ballet Tennessee, its mission is to develop strong classical ballet technique; to offer quality training in related dance idioms; and to develop artistry in all students.


Ballet Tennessee is a nationally recognized company of professional dancers and dedicated professional-track students.  Based in Chattanooga since 1987, the company is committed to providing the community with high caliber dance in performance and instruction to people of all ages, races, abilities, and economic backgrounds.